Understanding Common Dog Health Issues

Dogs can suffer from various health issues. This blog post explores dog health common problems and how insurance can help.

With an estimated 34% of New Zealand households owning at least one dog, it’s clear we're a nation that adores dogs. However, with great love comes great responsibility, particularly when it comes to health. Dogs, just like humans, can face various health issues that not only cause them discomfort but also bring unexpected emotional and financial stress to their families. This blog post dives into some of the most common health issues our furry friends face and explores how dog insurance can cushion the financial blow of their treatments.

1. Skin conditions: more than just a scratch

Itchy skin is no small matter in the world of dogs. Conditions like allergies, eczema, and infections can make your pup miserable. Symptoms such as excessive scratching, redness, and hair loss are tell-tale signs, often triggered by food allergies or environmental factors like pollen and dust mites.

Managing these can get pricey, ranging from simple dietary changes to complex therapies. In fact, our records show we paid out $469,338 in vet costs for skin treatments in the year ending 31 March 2024, making skin conditions the top reason our clients visit the vet!

2. Ear infections: not just an irritation

Ear infections in dogs can be caused by allergies, ear mites, yeast or bacterial infections, and excessive moisture in the ear canal. Common symptoms include head shaking, odour, and discharge from the ears. Treatment varies from cleaning and medicated ear drops to more extensive medical interventions if the infection is deep-seated. Having dog insurance provides peace of mind, allowing prompt and effective treatment without worrying about the financial impact.

3. Gastrointestinal upsets: when something's off

Has your dog ever eaten something they shouldn’t have? Gastrointestinal issues like vomiting, diarrhoea, and pancreatitis are common in dogs and can be very distressing. From necessary tests and overnight vet stays to medications and surgeries, the costs can vary and be significant. According to our claims data, gastrointestinal issues were the third most common reason for New Zealanders to take their dogs to the vet for the year ended March 2024.

4. Orthopaedic concerns: aging gracefully?

As dogs age, they may start showing signs of orthopaedic issues such as hip dysplasia and arthritis—manifested by limping, difficulty in rising, and pain during exercise. Treatments can range from medications to surgery, with costs that can be quite steep. For example, we helped an 11-year-old dog with a $5,800 treatment for arthritis last year.

5. Dental health: a hidden epidemic

Did you know that by the age of 4, 85% of cats and dogs have gum disease. Dental health is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of a pet's overall well-being as we outlined in a previous post. Many dog owners may not realise the significance of maintaining their dog’s oral hygiene until dental issues become apparent, which can lead to severe health problems and discomfort for their furry friend. Integrating dental insurance and preventative care into your dog care strategy is a practical move that supports both the health of your dog and your financial stability.

Ready to give your dog the best cover?

Understanding these common health issues and how they can affect your dog is crucial. Investing in comprehensive dog insurance helps manage vet costs and ensures your dog receives the best care possible without undue financial strain.

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