Why Choose Us

Pet-n-Sur is offering to help provide protection for your valued family pet. So, why choose us? Well, here's 10 reasons why thousands of animal lovers throughout NZ have decided to do that...

  • Peace of Mind protection with the experience of NZ's largest, specialist 100% NZ owned and managed Pet Insurance provider.
  • We underwrite our own policies - no third party gets to complicate the processing of your application or payment of your claim.
  • Efficient claims processing - in the last two years we have helped our clients pay over $18.8M of pet medical bills with 99.5% of claims settled within 14 days.
  • Positive Testimonials from our existing clients.
  • We can protect your older pets with the highest entry age of any NZ insurer. And once insured, your pets can be Covered for Life with no age expiry.
  • Choose from a variety of cover options including comprehensive Surgical and Medical cover for Cats and Dogs up to $18,000 and Horses up to $25,000 to affordable Surgical Plans and Mortality Cover to plans with fixed Co-Pay options for those unexpected expensive pet medical bills.
  • Easy premium payments from less than a dollar a day with special rates for multiple Cat, Dog, Rabbit and Horse policies.
  • Some Cat and Dog plans even provide cover for lost pet and funeral costs, boarding fees and replacement pets. Others will assist you with neutering, microchipping or vaccination costs.
  • Equine Cover available for Vet Fees (including colic treatments), Theft, Mortality, Saddlery and Tack, Floats and Trailers with contributions towards vaccinations.
  • Pet-n-Sur proudly supports DogsNZ (formerly NZ Kennel Club), the Companion Animal Council, LandSAR Search Dogs and Local Council Shelters.
  • If you have any other queries, head over to our FAQ section or Contact Us direct.