Our team takes pride in what we do & enjoy trying our best to make things easier for you during those stressful times. It is especially rewarding when you take the time to let us know how we've helped out little Bosco or Bella!

I have 2 dogs covered by Pet-n-Sur. It is very easy to claim and they are very quick in sending the refund.
Robyn & Chelsea
I have 2 dogs and we have Pet-n-Sur for both of them. With one of dogs we go to the Vet at least 2 or 3 times a month as he suffers from Epilepsy and he needs tablets every day. He also has seizures which we need to take him to the Vets after. I wouldn't be able to do this without Pet-n-Sur as we claim for all our visits. It is very easy to claim and they are very quick in sending the refund. It gives us peace of mind that we have both dogs covered with Pet-n-Sur.
Robyn & Harley
Would recommend any pet owner to take out pet insurance with Pet-n-Sur. They have been the best pet insurance company I have ever dealt with.
Sue and Pippa
Best thing I ever did was get insurance. It meant our son could meet our other fur baby.
Kate & Bollinger
I am very happy and satisfied with the fast action that was taken to approve my dog's surgery. Every time I have contacted Pet-n-Sur I have always received lots of help and assistance. My dog is now well on her way to recovery. Thank you.
Leah & Niesha
We are so pleased we insured Bailey with Pet-n-Sur. It was a really difficult time for us when Bailey got sick, and on top of that Christmas was just around the corner. It took a weight off our shoulders knowing that we had the insurance and we could afford to give him the treatment he needs to get well. It made a difficult time easier and to claim back is hassle free and we had no problems at all. Thankfully, Bailey is now back to normal and racing around as if he was never ill.
Kerry & Bailey
Thank you Pet-n-Sur for your prompt payment and great service. We have had a bad run with Jess having had two big operations in the past two years and you have acknowledged our payments without fuss. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends.
Pauline & Jess
The ease of lodging a claim and payment received promptly has been fantastic. I would recommend your company anytime.
Debbie & Jock
Thanks so much. If it wasn't for you guys our fella would have had to have been put to sleep. Thanks also for keeping us informed during the claims process. It made things so much easier for us and a few days after returning home he thwarted some thieves breaking into our cars!
Lee & Tukka
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