Why Rabbits are Suitable as Indoor Pets

Pet rabbits are traditionally kept in cages outdoors, however many rabbit owners are now choosing to house their bunnies inside. Find out why.

Rabbits are beautiful creatures that make great pets. They amuse us with their entertaining antics and their distinct personalities, and can also serve as a source of comfort. Traditionally, pet rabbits have been kept in cages outdoors, however the majority of rabbit owners are now choosing to house their bunnies inside their homes.

By understanding the nature of rabbits, it is easy to grasp why so many people appreciate rabbits as suitable indoor pets.

Are rabbits more like cats, or dogs, when inside?

This is a frequently asked question, but the answer is: neither. They’re like rabbits! Unlike both cats and dogs, rabbits don’t make communicative sounds, besides barely audible teeth chattering or thumping and grunting when in perceived danger. Since they are so quiet, they aren’t intrusive companions. Like cats, rabbits can easily be litterbox trained and are therefore clean and hassle-free animals, when neutered or spayed.

Indoor rabbits have a longer lifespan

The average rabbit kept in a backyard hutch lives less than half the lifespan of an average indoor rabbit. Rabbits that are kept outside enjoy the grass, sunshine and fresh air that comes with this housing arrangement; however there are many more reasons why this is not ideal.

Indoors is safer, with less predators like cats and dogs roaming around. Besides the threat of predators, it is very easy for outside rabbits to get fatally sick from poisonous plants, pesticides, or even shock from loud noises. Rabbits kept safe indoors live for 9- 12 years, with a happy life full of more stimulation, less stress, and a safer environment.

More stimulation and interaction indoors

Imagine you were stuck inside a single room, on your own, for your whole life. You would be bored, depressed, and very unhappy. That unfortunately is the reality for many rabbits housed in backyard hutches. Many people don’t realise that bunnies have very distinct personalities, like humans. Also like humans, they desire social interaction. Rabbits thrive on communication and bonding with others, particularly their human owners, and become lonely and depressed if this isn’t available.

Keeping rabbits inside allows them to be social, express their personalities, and bond with their human owners in close proximity. This is a major reason why rabbits are suitable as indoor pets, because cuddling and petting a rabbit is enjoyable for both the rabbit and their human owner.

Owning a rabbit is an enriching, and rewarding experience. Bonding with your pet, getting to watch their amusing behaviour, and being comforted by their presence are very valid reasons to get a pet rabbit. Rabbits are highly suitable as indoor pets; by keeping them indoors, time spent with a companion rabbit is the best it can possibly be for both human and animal.