Why Insuring Your Dog is Such a Good Idea

Unfortunately, pet medical care isn’t subsidised. That’s why it can damage our finances so much if our furbabies get sick or have an accident. Thankfully, Pet Health Insurance can provide a peace-of-mind option...

Dogs bring immense joy to the lives of their pet parents and families. In return, we’re charged with keeping them happy and healthy as best we can. Unfortunately, veterinary bills can be expensive, especially if your dog gets sick or has an accident. Sadly, it’s almost always a question of when this will happen, rather than if.

This is where pet health insurance will be invaluable, helping you cover the cost of treatment so you can provide the best possible life for your dog.

Here are five compelling reasons why insuring your dog is a great idea:

1. Insurance can help lower the overall cost of veterinary care

There’s no denying that vet bills can hurt your bank balance. Modern veterinary care provides amazing advancements in available treatments that, literally, can be a life-saver. However, these treatment options do have a price tag!

And, unlike human healthcare, there are no subsidies for animal healthcare in New Zealand - and that's what can makes a visit to the vet seem expensive!

Dogs should have at least one veterinary check-up every year – even when they seem to be in good health. This is so they can get their booster shots and make sure they’re doing ok. All these annual routine treatments can also add up.

Having health insurance helps lower the overall cost of your pet’s vet visits by subsidising eligible vet care. Some even help contribute towards yearly vaccinations to help protect them from more serious diseases down the track.

2. Insurance can provide cover in the event of an emergency

No matter how well we look after our pets, the unexpected can always happen. Whether your dog is involved in an accident or falls ill, pet health insurance is there to help cover the cost. And, if the bill for particular treatments is likely to get especially high, an insurance company will help out by pre-approving a claim and paying the vet directly for the agreed portion of the bill.

3. Insurance provides peace of mind

Even if you don’t end up claiming for your pet, having insurance provides peace of mind that if something were to happen, you’d have someone there to help you out financially. This means you can decide on treatments based on what is best for your pet, rather than your pocket.

4. Insurance helps you provide the best level of care

Not having to worry quite as much about your bank balance also means you can provide a higher level of care for your dog than you might be able to afford on your own, as you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the overall cost.

5. Having insurance can help prolong the life of your pet

Finally, the more often you’re able to bring your dog to the vet and authorise treatments, whether for routine check-ups or when something goes wrong, the longer and happier your pet’s life will be.

So, whether you’ve just got a new puppy or even an older dog, pet insurance is well worth the investment. It lets you focus on the good and happy times with your pet knowing you’re covered when something goes wrong.