Why Insure Your Cat From a Young Age?

Kittens seem resilient and healthy but it pays to remember that accidents do happen. That’s why it’s important to consider pet insurance from an early age.

Bringing a kitten into your home brings such joy! Their curiosity, playfulness and cuteness are what attract us to them as pets. But, with great cuteness comes great responsibility. So, along with making sure they’re well-fed, have a comfortable bed in a sunny spot and get plenty of playtime, it’s a good idea to arrange insurance for your furry friend from a young age.

While your new kitten may appear the epitome of health right now – with an uncanny ability to bounce back from almost anything – it’s important to realise that accidents do happen. And, just like young humans, kittens can be more prone to illnesses than their older counterparts.

So, rather than leaving it until they’re older, or after you’ve already forked out thousands of dollars in veterinary care, now’s a good time to look into pet insurance for your kitten. Here’s why:

Peace of mind

While your kitten is discovering the world, they’ll be exposed to any number of dangers. They’re also testing their limits seeing how high they can leap and whether that buzzy bee would make for a good friend.

If your kitten’s insured, you can feel safe in the knowledge that if they don’t quite land on their feet, or that the bee isn’t quite as happy about playtime as your kitten, a trip to the vet isn’t going to leave you seriously out of pocket.

When your kitten gets injured or ill, rather than agonising over whether you’ll be able to afford the vet bills, you can go straight in and get them checked out with the confidence that your pet insurance will cover most of the bill.

Go early, go long

Insuring your kitten early on can also save you money in the long term. Many insurance providers offer long-term discounts to reward loyal customers. Getting in early also means that any chronic illness that becomes apparent at a younger age will be covered by your insurance policy.

Often, if you take out insurance after an illness or pre-existing condition has been diagnosed, insurance companies aren’t as keen to provide cover. So while it may seem fine to delay insuring your kitten while they’re happy and healthy, taking our insurance at an early age can be the best policy.

If you’ve recently welcomed a new kitten into your home, or are looking to do so soon, take some time to explore your insurance options. Pet-n-Sur plans provide comprehensive cover for your kitten, including lifetime cover if you renew your policy each year plus cover for hereditary conditions if they first appear after their three years old.

Find out which insurance plan could be best for your kitten here.