Ways to save on pet expenses

Owning a pet costs money, but there’s no reason it should break the bank. With forethought and planning, there are plenty of ways you can cut costs.

While having a pet isn’t quite as expensive as having a baby, they’re not necessarily cheap either. And, with all the gadgets, toys and special food available on the market today, it’s easy to spend more than you might need to.

And, with the rising cost of living, you may be having to cut back on how much you spend on your pet, along with other areas of your life. Here are some suggestions on how you can save on your pet expenses


If you haven’t acquired your pet yet, but are considering getting one, consider adopting one from a local shelter. Not only will the adoption fees usually be cheaper, but they may also already be spayed or neutered, meaning that’s another expense you won’t need to worry about.

Buy in bulk

Instead of buying your pet’s food in small bags that last you a week, buy them in bags that last you months. Just make sure you store it correctly so it stays fresh. For dry food, an air-tight container will generally do.

Buy good quality food

Unless your pet has special dietary requirements, you can generally skip the super fancy ‘gourmet’ pet foods available out there. Good quality food has all the nutrition your pet will need, which is important for keeping them healthy. You may also find you need to feed your pet less, because the food is more nutrient dense.

D.I.Y grooming

Your pet may not need to go to a fancy groomer; you may be able to do this yourself at home. The same applies to brushing teeth, clipping nails and their regular worm and flea treatments. You can generally buy everything you need for this over the counter at a local pet store, or even online, meaning less expenses at the vet or pet groomers.

Don’t skip their annual exam

While it may be tempting to skip their yearly exam, vaccine booster, or regular worm and flea treatments if your pet appears healthy, preventative care is a crucial part of keeping your pet's cost down. Vaccinations mean your pet is less likely to catch a serious disease, which could cost a lot to treat. Also, your vet may pick up other illnesses while they’re in their early stages and they’re relatively cheap to treat. It’s also well worth considering insurance, as it can make a big difference in the event of injury or illness.

Skip the fancy toys and gadgets

While playtime is important – and we’re not saying don’t buy your pet toys or enrichment tools – if you’re trying to save a dollar or two, your pet may not need the latest command button or automatic treat dispensing pet cam. Instead, spend lots of time with them, playing and exercising as is appropriate for their breed to keep them engaged and curious.

There’s no denying that pets will cost you money. But, by being a bit savvy, there are ways to cut down the costs of owning a pet, without cutting down on their quality of life.