Ways to Help Your Kitty Stay Occupied

As much as we might like to be we can’t always be by our pets’ sides. Here are some tips to make sure your pet thrives when left alone...

When faced with leaving your furry feline companions alone during the day, us pet parents often feel guilty leaving Fluffy to fend for themselves in a lonely house… Here are some ways to help your kitty stay occupied while you’re gone – after all, they can’t sleep all day long, right?

Constructing FunVille

Even if you don’t have a spare room to devote as Cat Zone, a corner of the lounge or a window will suffice. Set up a cat tree or scratching post that is specially made for climbing and scratching exercises – the bigger the better. Beyond this, you can hang dangly toys from different spots so your feline has something to bat around or little rattling toys and furry mice on the floor for Fluffy to whack across the room.

Ledges overlooking the garden will also provide plenty of free entertainment - you could even build a sitting spot on the inside ledge of a window sill. A bird feeder placed outside the window will provide hours of entertainment (or maybe frustration - you decide!). We have some clients who have even built an enclosure that protrudes from an open window to allow their cat to go ‘outside’ while staying inside!

Two’s Company

If your kitty is an “only child” you may want to consider adopting a feline friend. Be aware however that it can be challenging to introduce a new pet into the household, especially if your cat is senior and used to being the king or queen of the house. When two kitties get together, playtime can be fairly creative – new games will be invented, even if you are not home to witness them!

Work for Treats

If Fluffy is into treats, a puzzle toy can be a great way to keep her busy. These are typically ball shaped toys made to be filled with small pieces of food & treats which are freed only when your cat figures out the right way to turn it to make the food appear. This is good for stimulating your furbabies’ brain and muscles. You can find these special toys at any good pet retailer or online.


“Music has charms to soothe a savage breast”. We know this is true for us but it is also true for our domesticated 'savage companions'. If you find that your kitty responds to certain music, you can play it quietly at home while you are away - if in doubt, go with classical! There is also a large selection of soothing meditation music that you can play for Fluffy - yep, Pet Meditation is a thing!

So whilst Fluffy is probably more than happy to spend her day at home alone enriching their environment with some exciting toys, visual entertainment, music or a new feline friend will probably end up making her the happiest cat around!

Have you got a super happy indoor cat? Send your pictures to pawprintz@petnsur.co.nz & we’ll feature them on our website for all to see!