Treat Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

Our pets enrich our lives with companionship and entertainment. Why not acknowledge how much you love your fur baby this Valentine’s Day – you won’t be alone!

Pets are companions that stay with us for the majority of their lives. They are loyal, don’t talk back, and enrich our lives with their antics and friendship. Our pets are completely dependent on us and always reciprocate the love we give them in their own special ways.

Many people feel that their pets, particularly cats and dogs, are like family to them – giving rise to the relatively recent term ‘fur babies’. Valentine’s Day is known for expressions of love and giving gifts to your significant other is one way of demonstrating the strength of your feelings. It’s no surprise we love our pets and it appears our furry friends are increasingly reaping the rewards of our affections on Valentine’s Day!

According to the National Retail Federation in the USA, it is expected that US$886 million will be spent on gifts for pets this Valentine’s Day. This global holiday is a great time for celebration, and according to popular pet blog,, many people have already declared they will be going all out for their pet this Valentine’s Day.

Forty-seven percent – almost half – of pet owners on the site have arranged celebrations for their dogs, including buying brand new outfits and accessories, or creating a special treat. Twenty-five percent of pet parents will take their dog on a date, while 62% say they will definitely buy a Valentine’s Day dog gift.

There are many things you can do on this special day to show your pet just how much you adore them. Spending time bonding with your pet grooming them, or just hanging out, are both good ways to increase the relationship and bond. Giving your pet a delicious food treat is also a great demonstration of affection they will definitely appreciate.

For those who are looking for a lasting memento or ‘next level’ Valentine’s Day gift, a decorated collar, habitat, or food bowl will ensure you remember your treasured times together.

Pets are special to us and they provide endless entertainment, delight, and companionship. If you want to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet, or give them a gift to celebrate your bond, you’re not weird – and you’re not alone! Valentine’s Day is meant to be an observance of the special relationships in our life and many people would agree that our pets truly are the loves of our life!