The Perfect and Safe Presents for your Pet

Christmas is fast approaching, and you don’t want your cat or dog to miss out on the treats. Here’s how to safely spoil your pet this Christmas...

It’s the season for spoiling and there’s no reason your fur-baby should miss out. After all, they’ve had it tough this year too, having to deal with owners being home all day and demanding their pet’s attention!

So, to thank your kitty or pooch, here are some great safe gifts you can get them this Christmas.


We all like to indulge ourselves during the silly season with extra chocolates and special desserts. Luckily there are plenty of safe treats you can gift to your cat or dog too.

Peanut butter, for example, is a great treat for pups; most dogs love it. And, if you’re spooning from a jar that’s 100% peanut butter (with no other added ingredients and especially artificial sweeteners) there’s no reason you can’t let your pooch lick the remnants from the spoon. There are now also plenty of pooch-safe treats made to look like human treats – just make sure to not indulge in them yourself!

Your cat, on the other hand, will likely appreciate some catnip. If you’ve got a green thumb you can grow this in your garden yourself. Otherwise, your local pet shop is likely to have some as part of a toy or treat. However, if you are giving your kitty catnip as an edible treat, don’t let them overindulge, as it can make your cat ill.


Toys are another great way to show your pet some extra love over Christmas – and Christmas themed toys can be super cute. But whether it squeaks, or is perfect for chewing or chasing, make sure the toys you’re getting are made of long-lasting, non-toxic materials.

Also, check that they’re size appropriate. A too-small toy - no matter how well made - can pose a choking hazard.


Gifts for your pet don’t have to be limited to treats and toys – there are plenty of other ways you can spoil your cat or dog over Christmas. For example, why not get them a new bed or upgrade their collar to be more on-trend?

Whether you shower your pet with presents this Christmas, or just pick a few special treats, don’t forget to give them lots of attention and keep an eye on them during the festive season.

Dogs are opportunists and they love to scavenge, so make sure they can’t sink their teeth into anything that could make them sick. And cats love to play with ribbons and paper and engage in a spot of hide and seek, so tidy away anything that could pose a hazard as soon as possible or find your pet a safe space where they can chill.