Six More Fascinating Facts About Rabbits

You may think you know a lot about rabbits, but there’s always more to learn...

You may think a rabbit is just a rabbit. In reality, they are fascinating and complex creatures with a sex drive that’s world-renowned! To help you learn more about these cute creatures – and separate fact from fiction – here are six more facts about rabbits.

They’re complicated creatures

While you may think your pet rabbit is run of the mill, they’re actually often considered an ‘exotic’ pet. This means you’ll need to find a vet who specialises in treating them. If you’re unsure if your local veterinary clinic has the specialist skills needed, simply give them a call. Even if they can’t treat your rabbit, they may know someone who can.

Yes, rabbits really do breed that often!

Rabbits reach sexual maturity at about 3 to 8 months of age. And, as they don’t have a heat cycle like a dog or cat, they can breed at any time of the year. A female rabbit is pregnant for about 30 days, and there are on average 6 kits per litter.

They have a reasonably long lifespan

The average lifespan of a domestic rabbit is about 10 years, but some smaller rabbits can live longer. To help make sure your rabbit lives as long as possible, and remains healthy throughout their life, you need to ensure they have proper nutrition, exercise and medical care.

Doe a rabbit, a female rabbit?

The song from The Sound of Music wouldn’t have quite the same ring to it if these were the lyrics. Interestingly, though, female rabbits are called does just like female deer and male rabbits are called bucks. And, just like in Disney, deer and rabbits make adorable friends.

They’re not big fans of being picked up

Rabbit cuddles are great! They’re soft and fluffy, and there’s something special about their whisker’s tickles when they’re sniffing you. However, if you like a rabbit cuddle, it’s best to do this when you’re low to the ground.

Ideally, sit down to get closer to your rabbit’s level and let them jump onto your lap, rather than picking them up. If you do need to pick them up, make sure one hand always supports their back and hindquarters and keep them close to your body.

Clip their nails regularly

In the wild, rabbits wear down their nails as they go about their day, foraging for food and running away from predators. However, in domesticity, they become more sedentary and often don’t have the same opportunity to wear down their nails.

You may find you have to clip their nails quite frequently - every 2 to 3 months - but every rabbit is different, so keep an eye on their nail length and clip them as often as needed.

There’s lots more to learn - so check out this article to discover further interesting facts about these cute pets.