Six Fascinating Facts About Rabbits

Many people assume rabbits are all the same, but they are unique, complex, and enchanting animals. Here are six fascinating facts you may not know about them.

Rabbits are wonderful creatures, with adorable ears, faces, and paws. Many people assume rabbits are all the same, but they are unique, complex, and enchanting animals. Beyond the twitchy nose and soft fur, there are many delightful and interesting secrets to uncover about rabbits. Here are six fascinating facts:

They have distinct personalities

Gentle and cuddly, or feisty and opinionated, bunnies each have their own unique and individual personality. For example, some rabbits like to be patted, while others are very independent. Long-time rabbit owners know that each domestic rabbit has its own personality that shapes the way they interact with their owners.

They jump for joy

Rabbits are mostly silent creatures, so the main way that they express themselves is through body language. When rabbits are happy or excited they perform a movement called a binky. This is an action where the rabbit does a big leap, and twists in mid-air. Often, rabbits binky while zooming at speed across an area.

They’re neat freaks

Rabbits are extremely hygienic animals. They don’t need baths from their owner, as they clean themselves thoroughly throughout the day, just like a cat. Grooming is not only a solo activity; rabbits use grooming as a social activity to enhance a bond and to establish the order of dominance. A dominant bunny will often shove its head underneath the submissive rabbit’s chin and demand to be groomed!

Rabbits hold grudges

There are many expressions in rabbit body language that show they are offended, which demonstrates just how important respect is to them. If a rabbit feels insulted or put out they will clearly demonstrate this. Depending on the severity of the offence, a rabbit can hold a grudge from hours to several days. Sometimes, a simple stroke on the forehead or an apologetic treat can remedy a miffed bunny, but if your rabbit is truly offended, they can sulk for quite some time!

They can be litter trained

Domestic bunnies make lovely indoor companions when they are spayed and neutered and they can be litter box trained. Rabbits like to eat hay and poop at the same time, so it is possible to teach them to use a lined tray. It may take some time, depending on how quickly your bunny learns though, so you may need to be patient!

They build strong bonds

Rabbits are a very social species that live in groups in the wild. Pet rabbits are often kept alone, but it’s important to understand that they are complex creatures with intricate social structures and relationship needs. When two bunnies bond, they usually become partners for life, and will spend their time snuggling and grooming each other. This affection is carried over to their owner in the absence of another rabbit.

As you can tell, rabbits have many interesting qualities. Learning about just some of the many traits that make rabbits so unique is a great way to gain insight into and draw delight from these small creatures.

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