Safe and healthy Christmas gifts for rabbits

There’s no reason your rabbit can’t join in the fun of Christmas and maybe get a gift or two. Here are some rabbit-friendly gifts you can get them this Christmas.

No need to leave your rabbit off the gift list this Christmas. Here are some favourite safe and healthy gifts you can pop under the tree for them.

Christmas is a time for gift-giving, and many pet owners are adding their pets to the gift-giving list. There’s no reason your rabbit needs to miss out on the fun but, as rabbit owners know, rabbits can be fussy, finicky, and sensitive creatures, so a little extra care may be needed to ensure the gift you give them is appropriate.

Here are some suggested rabbit-friendly gifts you can give your bunny this Christmas.

Humans and animals love a treat at Christmas time, and it seems only fair that your rabbit joins in the fun. You can either find rabbit-safe treats at the pet store or in the fridge. Apples, bananas and even blueberries are considered safe for rabbits to eat in small quantities.

Chew toys

If you thought chew toys were just for dogs, think again. After all, how many times have you been warned to keep cables out of reach of your rabbit’s teeth? Let them chew to their heart’s content with a rabbit-safe chew toy you’ve picked up from your local pet store, or that you’ve made yourself from rabbit-friendly materials.

Somewhere to hide

Once all the excitement of gift-giving dies down, your rabbit might simply want to crawl into a hidey-hole and nap the afternoon away – just like us humans. Come prepared for this event with a box or tunnel they can hide away in. Again, this can be something as simple as a cardboard box, or a specialty item designed with rabbits in mind.

Note that if you do go with the cardboard box option, make sure the cardboard doesn’t contain any inks, glues, or sharp items like staples that could hurt your bunny, as they may decide to turn the box into a chew toy too.

Let them dig a hole

Everyone knows that rabbits love to dig. And, while this might not always be a desirable trait (like when they try and dig up your carpet or couch) it is part of their natural behaviour, so why not give them a way they can dig safely?

If you have space outside, you can set up an area for your rabbit to dig in with overturned soil that’s easy for them to get their paws into. If you have clay ground, adding sand on top can help keep it in a diggable condition.

If you have an indoor bunny, you may have to get creative. One example is to fill a box with materials like shredded paper, toilet roll tubes, pinecones, or straw. You can also opt for soil or sand in the box, but this will likely create more of a mess.

Time with you

Of course, let’s not forget that sometimes the best gift you can give a loved one during the holidays is quality time spent together. So, amongst the busyness of Christmas and gift-giving, don’t forget to set aside some time to spend with your furry friend. They’ll enjoy playing with you, just as much as any toy you might give them (but maybe have a cardboard box handy, just in case)!