Pros and Cons of Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycares are becoming increasingly popular for owners who need to be away from home during the day. There are, however, pros and cons.

Daycare for dogs is becoming an increasingly popular way to take care of your pet if you need to work or be away during the day for any length of time. Some dogs don’t like being left alone at home and can develop separation anxiety or acute cases of boredom, which harms their mental health and happiness. And, if a dog is cooped up all day and not exercised or socialised, it can begin to engage in destructive habits such as damaging living spaces, or hurting itself.

Taking a pet to an established, professional doggy daycare is an option many people use to reduce the stress on both dog and owner. There are, however, some pros and cons attached to taking your dog to daycare.


Your dog will have physical relief, including space to run around, stretch their legs and do their business. Your dog will also receive care and attention, which helps prevent them from barking all day, digging, or trying to escape.

Your pet will be surrounded by dogs of various breeds and temperaments. Socialised dogs generally develop calmer temperaments and your dog will be happier and more relaxed from hanging with its buddies all day instead of being home alone.

Staff are also on-site to monitor, care for and play with the dogs in their care. People that are usually passionate about animals are there to plan activities, tidy up and facilitate play and games for your dog. This mental and physical activity will enable your dog to relax when he’s at home.


Research is essential when choosing a doggy daycare because some doggy daycare centres are not healthy environments for a puppy. Chaotic and overcrowded environments, as well as understaffing and inadequate staff care, can create a bad experience for your pet. Do thorough research – including reading online reviews – and personally visit potential daycares to lessen this risk.

Your dog may develop bad habits and behaviours like barking, dominating other dogs, or marking his territory. Each dog has a different personality, so evaluate if your pet will be comfortable at daycare by making sure you hang around and observe your pet for the first few drop-offs. Some doggy daycares even have webcams, so you can log in and see how your pet is doing.

If your dog’s personality means it enjoys socialisation, being around other dogs will likely provide stimulation and play. However, with multiple animals comes more risk. Respiratory illnesses, diseases, infections and viruses can spread rapidly, so if your doggy daycare doesn’t insist on up-to-date shots, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

Overall, doggy daycares are a positive, helpful environment for most dogs and their owners. Asking for referrals from friends, looking at online reviews and doing extensive research will help you find a place that is right for you and your canine companion.