Proof Cats Can Make Your Life Infinitely Better

Cat lovers have long claimed that these furry pets improve your health and well-being. Research shows there is science behind the feel good story.

Cat lovers have been saying this for years, but we’ve found research that having a cat improves your health and well-being. From living longer to laughing more, having a furry feline in your home is a sure-fire way for you and your family to get more out of life.

Live a longer life with less stress

Having a cat in the family can quite literally save lives. In a comprehensive study with nearly 4,500 participants, researchers were able to link cat ownership to a 40% decrease in the risk of suffering a fatal heart attack.

The Pet Health Council commented at the time that this was likely due to the physiological and psychological benefits that come with being in contact with animals. These include “reducing stress, helping to prevent illness and allergies, lowering blood pressure, aiding recovery and boosting fitness levels.”

Easier mental health management

The UK Mental Health Foundation recently released a survey that found 87% of cat owners felt positively impacted by having their furry friends in their lives. 76% of them stressed that everyday life was easier to cope with, and half particularly valued their companionship. No cat lover will be surprised by this.

But do you know about purr therapy? Cats can have 25 to 150 vibrations per second (or purr between 27 and 44 hertz) and many claim that these vibrations have healing properties!

Improved immune system

This one is particularly handy if you have a young family. According to an allergen expert in the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, high exposure to pets at an early age is directly linked to a stronger immunity against common allergies, such as dust and grass. Who knew a bond between a baby and a cat could be so practical, as well as cute?

Cats are more relaxed than dogs

Cats are renowned for being cooler and more distant than their canine counterparts. Although this does not mean they want any less love and attention, it does mean that they are lower maintenance than dogs. Why go for a walk when you can just curl up in front of the T.V? Also, they take up way less couch space, which is always a plus.

Cats are easily the funniest animals

Isn’t laughter meant to be the best medicine? There is no corner of the internet free from funny cat videos, and for good reason. Cats are small, agile, and brave enough to get into the most precarious of situations. Not to mention they are adorable while they do it - a double whammy!

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