Preparing Your Cat for Apartment Living

Apartment living is on the rise, with many people bringing their pets to join them in city living. Here are four ways to help settle your cat in an apartment.

With apartment living on the rise, many people are bringing their pets along to join them in city living. If you’re moving to the city and downsizing your living space, it can be a big adjustment for your cat. However, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare to settle your cat into your apartment so you can successfully keep your furry friend with you in the city.

1. Safety first

Apartment living can bring new safety concerns. Make sure that all breakable ornaments and decorations are safely away from where your cat could reach. Most importantly, secure your balcony. While cats famously have nine lives, it’s definitely not worth risking any of them. If you can’t make the balcony completely off-limits, make a barrier to ensure that your curious cat won’t go looking too far over the edge.

2. Create heights

Look up! Even if your apartment is on the small side, there is always the opportunity to create vertical play spaces for your cat. In fact, getting to a high vantage point is in their nature. Whether it’s a cat tree or a secure ladder shelf (be sure to use sturdy brackets), expanding your cat’s accessible space upwards will help keep them entertained and happy.

3. Check your plants

It can be tempting to decorate your apartment with plants, flowers, and foliage to bring some of the outside indoors. While these plants can look great, not every plant is cat-friendly. Some can even be harmful! Do your research on plants that could be dangerous to have around your cat and choose your décor accordingly. If in doubt, ask your vet (or stick to catnip!).

4. Transition period

Of course, there is always going to be a transition period for any new environment. To help your cat ease into their new home, simple things such as making sure they know where their litter box is and offering water can make all the difference. Make sure that there is a soft, warm spot for them to sleep as well as plenty of stimulation. Cat psychologist Jackson Galaxy has plenty of tips for making the transition as smooth as possible.

Most of all, enjoy it! Having a feline friend to come home to after a long day at work is one of the best ways to keep big-city loneliness at bay.