Popular Giant Rabbit Breeds

Fancy a rabbit on the larger side? Here’s a small guide on some giant rabbits breeds from the Giant Angora to the Flemish Giant…

Rabbits are not all bred to be equal - in size, that is. Some are bred to be small and cute, others, well, they are bred to be giant. Here’s a little information about four of the more popular giant rabbit breeds.

Giant Angora

This bunny rabbit can weigh in at over 5.5kg and is the largest of the Angora array. A very fluffy rabbit with a wool undercoat, they need intense daily grooming. We hope you’ve got a good brush handy… The Giant Angora is also very gentle so it is great around kids - just don’t let them near that gorgeous fluffy coat with their chewing gum!

Checkered Giant

Named due to their super cute spotted coat these gorgeous bunnies weight at least 5kg! An especially active and energetic rabbit, the Checkered Giant needs plenty of room to move about. They’re also one of the most playful breeds out there – so they’re great for hours of playtime with the kids.

Giant Chinchilla

No, this is not a larger version of the super cute Andean rodent. It is in fact a cross between the Flemish Giant rabbit and regular Chinchilla breeds. Weighing about 5.5 to 6.5kg they are one big bunny! The Giant Chinchilla is frequently sold commercially for its meat - but at Pet-n-Sur we’re looking at pets not dinner! As pets, they have a reputation for being loveable, easygoing and light on exercise requirements. They love nothing more than a comfy place to lounge and plenty of love & attention - cute!

Flemish Giant

Perhaps the most famous & common of the giant rabbit breeds, this bunny may tip the scales anywhere between 6 and 7kg. They’ve even been known to reach 10kg or more - now that’s a ‘heavy weight’! The Flemish Giant is one of the oldest recognised rabbit breeds in the world, with breed standards dating back to 1893. They’re super laid back, more dog-like than rabbit in personality, so they make wonderful family pets. They come in various colours including black, blue, fawn, grey and white. We think they’re pretty adorable and our pick for one of the most ‘fun’ rabbit breeds around…

So there you have it, some of the largest bunnies around. Although we think it’s a little unfair to say the bigger the bunny the more fun they are, we certainly love these giants and think they’re great fun for the whole family!

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