Pet Tech and Gadgets to Take you into the Future

Exciting new pet technologies are now available to help you stay in constant contact with your fur baby, keep them entertained and make your life easier.

It seems like every day new technologies are being announced that will make our home, work, and social lives easier and more enjoyable. The good news for people whose pets are also a staple part of their everyday lives is that this is also true in the pet world.

However, there are so many new gadgets out there that it can be hard navigating them all. So, we’ve compiled a list of cool tech and gadgets that will keep you and your fur baby connected, even when you’ve got somewhere else to be.


Do you ever miss your pet so much when you’re at work that it distracts you? Petchatz has an easy fix: a two-way video chat system to communicate with your pet, and even give them treats! You can also get a ‘pawcall’ accessory that allows your pets to call you when pressed. This way, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your furry friend and make sure they’re doing ok when you’re not there.


Want a two-way chat system that also doubles as a way to play with your pet? Petcube has a built-in laser that is proven to be safe for both animals and humans and is bound to be great entertainment for both of you.

Canary Wi-Fi Pet Camera

For a more affordable, but still high-tech, alternative, there is the Wi-Fi-connected camera that can run 24/7, has night vision, and can also serve as a sensor-based home security system. It’s not a two-way camera, but it’s good if the separation anxiety is only one-sided - from you!

iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher

This one won’t help your heartstrings when you’re away from your pet, but the automatic ball launcher can certainly help keep your pet entertained while you sneak out the door. The ball feeder is big enough that a fetch-trained dog can restock the launcher on their own, and is sure to keep them entertained long enough so you can have a good nap!

These are just a few examples of the large and growing range of pet tech available. This is part of the drive to make sure that our pets are not just fed and watered, but also healthy and happy. The next wave to hit will be pet wearables (similar to the fitness trackers that humans wear), which can help locate missing pets and provide preventative health advice.