Nourish Your Cat With Wet or Dry Food

What to feed your cat comes down to their own individual preferences - don’t you know they make all the rules?

Go to the supermarket, pet shop or even your vet clinic, and you will be overwhelmed by the choice of feed available for your cat. From different flavours to those that are breed-specific, or cater for special dietary needs, there’s a food to suit every feline.

This doesn’t even take into account whether to feed your cat wet food or dry and which option is better.

The good news is that one food type is not intrinsically better than the other. Often, it depends on your cat’s personal taste – they are notoriously picky eaters – and what’s best for their health.

Here are the pros and cons of each:

Wet food

One of the benefits of wet food is that it has a high moisture content. Cats aren’t big water drinkers and, in the wild, they would have obtained a lot of moisture from their prey. Wet food mimics this water content.

Wet food is also good for helping manage your cat’s urinary health and weight management, plus it helps ease constipation.

As well as these health benefits, wet cat food can also sometimes be more appealing to your cat due to the texture. It’s easier to eat and there’s a bit more variety.

The downside of wet food, however, is that it tends to be more expensive, it can be trickier to deal with (open cans, for example, need to be kept in the fridge), and you can’t leave it out for too long as it’s a prime environment for bacteria to grow. And, if you choose pouches, this can create a lot of waste.

Dry food

Dry cat food, or kibble, on the other hand, has a much lower water content. This means it has a longer shelf life, so you can buy it in larger quantities. This makes it more cost-effective and reduces waste. You can also leave it out all day, so your cat can snack when they’re feeling peckish, or use it for enrichment in toys to provide stimulation for your cat.

Another benefit of dry cat food is its energy density. If you’re having a hard time regulating your cat’s weight, especially if they’re on the thin side, dry food can provide required calories in small doses.

Due to the low water content, however, you need to make sure your cat is drinking enough water to make sure they stay hydrated, as cats tend to have a low thirst drive.

Which should you choose?

Cats are well known for being picky eaters. Whether you feed your cat dry or wet food may simply come down to their preference. It’s also not uncommon to feed cats both – this way they get the best of both worlds.

If you do have any concerns about what’s best to feed your cat, talk to your vet. They’ll be able to recommend a food that provides for your cat’s needs best.