New Rabbit Arrivals

If you’re inviting a new bunny into your home you want to make sure you make that transition as smooth as possible. Here are some tips…

If you’ve recently introduced a new rabbit to your family, it’s important to structure their environment in a way to ensure they can successfully integrate into their new home.

A new cage or pen

Rabbits need a safe area they can call their own. Their cage should be in an area where you spend time so the rabbit is not cut off from the family. Make sure the cage is under shade and away from heaters or loud speakers and always try to let your rabbit out for several hours each day so they can exercise and have social interactions with you. Include some toys, a bed, a litterbox, food and water bowls.

Bunny proofing your house

Bunnies like to chew and dig so it’s important to protect your belongings! Tuck electrical and phone cords out of the way and remove items from lower shelves. Bored rabbits will get into trouble so dangerous items (like houseplants) should be kept away from your rabbit in the areas where they are roaming.


Making toys to keep your rabbit occupied can be simple. Offer toys such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, paper cups, newspaper and white scrap paper, straw baskets, rubber balls, wire balls with bells inside, cardboard boxes or even just old towels to push around.

Spaying or neutering your rabbit

At around 4-6 months of age, have your rabbit spayed or neutered by a vet to help with litterbox training and general behaviour.


Of course, you should never physically discipline your rabbit. If your rabbit is misbehaving, try one of the following methods - clap your hands loudly, whistle loudly, shout, or thump your foot like a fellow rabbit.

Be on your rabbit’s level

Spend a lot of time on your rabbit’s level where you are less intimidating. Rabbits are curious and will choose to approach you! Snuggling on the floor is usually welcome and an easier way to make your rabbit feel secure around you than if you are towering over them.

Hopefully with these tips, your new rabbit will be running around your house in no time and feeling comfortable with their new home!