My Furry Valentine

A survey reveals that for some of us, our four legged companions are our true sweet, comic Valentines...

30% of respondents in a UK survey of pet owners say their cats and dogs are better listeners than their partners and more than 50% often prefer spending time with their pet because they don't nag, never talk back, are always in a good mood and don’t question or judge them!

44% prefer to cuddle up with them rather than their other half and admit to giving their beloved dog or cat far more attention on a daily basis. And whereas the partner may be relegated to the other side of the bed most nights, the dog or cat isn’t pushed away if they turn up for a snuggle - 42% will kiss and cuddle them more than anyone else and a third have been known to post more pictures of themselves with their canine or cat companion on social media than ‘couple shots’.

Although adults spend more quality time with their partners during the average day, 33% admit to missing their cat or dog more than their other half when they’re away from them!

And the final nail that probably puts a grin on the face of divorce lawyers… when faced with the decision to choose a pet or a partner, 14% would rather spend the rest of their life with their PET.

Hannah Edwards, who commissioned the study says, “Whilst some of the findings are on the surface rather surprising, what they actually demonstrate is just how much we love our pets and why they’re such an important part of our families. Whether that means using our four-legged friends as a sounding board for our problems, cuddling up with them on the sofa in a quiet, reflective moment, or simply spending quality time with our cats and dogs and enjoying their unconditional love, it’s clear our beloved pets mean the world to seems even more than our other half at times!”

So, at your place this Valentine’s Day, is it dinner and a moonlight walk with your two-legged or your four-legged companion?! We will not judge! :)