Make the Right Choice When Adopting a Cat

Bringing a new cat into your home can be very exciting. But you want to make sure they fit into your lifestyle...

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to adopt a cat. We are so excited for you. Every cat deserves a forever home, so no matter which cat you choose to adopt, you’re making an excellent choice. However, it’s important to make sure you’re adopting a cat that you have the time and resources to look after and that fits into your lifestyle.

Here are some steps you can follow before you head to the shelter and keep in mind when you’re making the important decision of which one to adopt.

1. Decide if you’re looking for a kitten or an older cat

It’s likely you’ll come across cats at all stages of life at the shelter, from young kittens through to older cats. Each will come with its own unique pros and cons and will suit different lifestyles.

Kittens, for example, need to be house trained and can be very energetic. So, if you have plenty of time and energy to keep up with them, they will make a great choice. Older cats will likely be a lot calmer and already house trained. However, they may have pre-existing medical conditions and it could be harder to introduce them into a home with kids or dogs if they’re not used to it.

2. Do some desk research

Some rescue centres list animals for adoption on their website. This gives you an opportunity to get an idea of their personalities, age and any other useful information that may determine how suitable a particular cat is for you.

However, don’t make your decision based purely on a photo and description. Be sure to search for your local rescue to meet your new potential family member in person and take the opportunity while you’re there to check out the other cats for adoption too.

3. Take the time to observe them

When visiting a shelter, take note of a cat’s behaviour and how it reacts to people and other animals. A cat cowering in a corner could still make a great pet but it may take a little extra time and patience to get them used to you and their new home.

Take this opportunity to spend a little time with the animal you’re considering adopting to see how they react to you and get an idea of their general behaviour. Are they curious and friendly, or hesitant and defensive? Do they like being petted and picked up or do they prefer to keep their feet on the floor?

Also, take the opportunity to check out their physical health; for example, do they have any discharge from their eyes or nose or do they have a patchy coat? These aren’t necessarily signs that the cat isn’t a good choice to adopt but they may just need a little more care than one that’s in perfect health.

Finally, be sure to talk to the staff or volunteers who are at the shelter. Ask them about a particular cat’s general health and behaviour and how they interact with other cats and humans. They spend a lot of time with each animal and will be happy to share any information with you to ensure they find the perfect forever home.

No matter which kitten or cat you choose to adopt, if you’re able to provide them with a home that meets their needs and they fit well into your lifestyle, you’ll have made a good choice.