Insure Your Horse

Insure your horse now for a better future. Protect your best friend with comprehensive cover.

There’s no denying that owning a horse can be expensive. From the initial cost of purchase, through to all the extras like tack, feed and regular care like farrier fees and worming... that’s not to mention any additional costs associated with eventing or horse shows.

Nevertheless, any horse owner will tell you these costs are completely worth it. Owning a horse or pony brings immense joy to owners and riders. They make loyal and trustworthy companions and teach you many things about the bond between animals and humans.

So, whether your horse is your trusty companion or your partner in the show ring, taking out insurance can help protect you financially and give you peace of mind knowing that you’re both covered if something goes wrong...

It helps towards the cost of vet fees

From minor cuts and scrapes to more serious injuries or illnesses like colic, getting your horse treated by a vet can rack up the costs. Horse insurance, just like insurance for cats, dogs and even humans, will help cover medical costs, making treatment more affordable.

Horse insurance allows you greater financial freedom to opt for a higher standard of treatment. This will help your horse recover faster and ensures they have a better quality of life.

Cover in the event of death, or theft

While it may not be something you would want to think about too much, horse insurance can also protect you in the event your horse dies unexpectedly from an accident, illness or disease. Often, insurance companies will also contribute to the cost of removal of the horse if they die. Additionally, in the event of theft, some insurance companies will also pay out the sum insured.

Insurance for gear

While you’re insuring your horse, you may also wish to consider adding insurance for your tack and horse trailer. Insurance for your gear will pay out an agreed amount if your tack or trailer is lost, stolen or damaged.

Taking out an insurance policy for your horse is certain to help you both in the long run and will allow you many carefree years of riding together.

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