How to Work From Home With a Clingy Cat

Working from home can be great. It also has its challenges - like a clingy cat that won’t leave you alone...

Cats have an uncanny natural ability to get in our way – usually in the most adorable way. However, if you’re working from home, their antics may become a little frustrating if they continually interrupt your work.

For example, if you vacate your chair your kitty will soon hop into the warm spot you left behind and insist on staying on your lap when you return. Or, they’ll hop onto your laptop keyboard instead. This isn’t helpful if you’re about to start a video call or need to write an important email.

If you’re reaching the end of your tether trying to juggle a demanding cat, while also trying to do your work, here are a few things to try.

Schedule in some playtime

If you have an energetic kitty who just wants to play, schedule some time before and during your day to give them some exercise and tire them out. A good tip is to do this away from your home-office, or area you work in, so they don’t associate that area with play.

Scheduling time each day to spend with your cat will also help establish a routine, so they know they’ll get the attention they crave. And, better yet, it gives you some much-deserved time away from your desk and provide a perfect stress-reducing distraction if your colleagues are being especially demanding.

Keep them amused with toys

For those times you’re not available to play, make sure your cat has plenty of safe, cat-friendly toys they can play with instead. Automated toys and cat-treat balls means they’ll be chasing the catnip mouse rather than your computer mouse. And it will keep them entertained so you can get stuck into your work responsibilities.

Give them their own space

While it may seem that cats like to rule the roost and nap on any available warm surface, they do also appreciate a quiet spot that they can call their own. So set up a snuggly spot in another room where they can nap the day away, or do some bird watching if it’s by a window.

If your cat is the clingier, or controlling, type who likes to keep an eye on you, you can set up a bed for them in your office space. This will give them the reassurance that you’re close, without them needing to settle down on your laptop for their afternoon nap.

Make sure they’re set up for their day

Have you ever noticed it’s hard to concentrate, or get fully involved in your work, if you’re hungry, thirsty, or need to go to the toilet? The same applies for your cat. If they haven’t been fed, are out of water, or their litter box is a little full, they’ll come and bug you to sort it out.

So, before you start your work day, make sure your cat has had breakfast, their water bowl is full of fresh water, and their litter box has been cleaned out – or the cat door is open if they’re an indoor-outdoor cat.

Working from home with a pet can be greatly rewarding. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your furry friend if you’re having a tough day, or just need to step away from your desk. They can however, also become a distraction or a disruption, so try the steps above to set yourself – and your cat – up for success.