How to Prepare your Dog for Boarding Kennels

Don’t wait to the last minute before planning your dog’s kennel experience. Follow these top tips to make sure they’re happy, so you can have peace of mind.

As most dog owners can testify, dogs become more than just a pet. Instead, over time, they come to form part of the family. This close bond has jokingly led to the terms ‘pet parents’ and ‘fur babies’ in recent years. Having a dog alleviates stress, provides companionship, and increases joy.

At some point, however, whether we choose to or not, we will have to leave our dog. Sometimes it may only be for a day; sometimes may we leave for a prolonged period of time.

When life calls and we need to be away from our companion animals, we must take steps to ensure our pet is well cared after. A popular way to do this is to enrol your dog in kennels. Boarding in a kennel can be either a stressful experience, or one that is full of fun and socialising with other dogs.

To set your dog up for success, here are some tips to help prepare your canine companion before they board in a kennel.

1. Make sure vaccinations are up to date

Since there are so many dogs staying together, illnesses such as kennel cough can be passed around very easily. Vaccinating your dog before they go in to the kennel ensures safety for not only your pet, but the other dogs at the complex too.

2. Do your research

With so many boarding options around, it is worth spending time investigating your options. You want to have peace of mind that your dog will have a great experience. Weighing up the different choices is beneficial and by choosing a kennel that sits in high regard and with positive customer reviews, you can trust that your dog is in good hands.

3. Minimise stress

New environments can be very stressful for a lot of dogs, as they are entering into new territory. If your pet will be staying there for a long period of time, it may be worth taking your dog to meet the handlers and have a look at the property before you go away. This way, when you leave your dog there, they may feel reassured and less overwhelmed, since they’ve already been accustomed to the environment with you present.

4. Pack a ‘comfort’ bag

Dogs are relational creatures, who form strong bonds with their owners. Some dogs may have a personality predisposed to separation anxiety and if their owner leaves they can become extremely stressed. A way to combat this is to pack them a bag filled with their things. Having a familiar toy with their scent may help to calm your pet down. Another item to pack into the bag is an item of your clothing that your dog can sleep with. Your scent may soothe your dog’s anxiety and reassure them that you haven’t left them for good.

Boarding kennels are a great way to house your dog when you are away. By using the tips above, you can set your dog up for a fun, positive experience.