How to help get Fluffy off the couch?

Even when sleeping on the couch is all they feel like, cats need exercise regardless of the season. Keep your cat moving this winter with these tips...

So how can you keep your kitty active over winter when all the seem to want to do is sleep? Although we think they sound like they’re onto a winning ploy (who doesn’t want to sleep all day on those cold winter days?)… with a little effort and patience we can help get Fluffy ‘off the couch’.

Turn Dinner into a Scavenger Hunt

It follows basic common sense – if all your cat is doing is eating a big meal and then sleeping all day, he or she is going to put on weight. You can avoid this by hiding small portions of food around the house in bowls or in feeding toys. Cat metabolisms work best when they eat multiple small meals a day. Feeding in this unusual way will also increase their daily physical activity and hone natural hunting instinct. Additionally, studies have shown that animals enjoy their food more when they have to work for it!

Hide & Seek anyone?

Play hide and seek with a catnip toy or favoured treats. Start simple by showing them the toy and then putting it somewhere they can see. When they get the toy give a treat and start again. As they understand the game you can make the toy more difficult to find.

Playtime Still Exists

There is a huge range of cat toys out there that can get your cat off the couch and playing. From feathers to balls and pretty much anything dangling from a strong – find one they really enjoy and make them bounce and pounce around. If your cat gets bored easily, try some catnip spray. A little goes a long way, even with a plain toilet roll!

Teach a Cat New Tricks

Just like dogs, cats can also learn tricks like come, sit, fetch and stay. Start with a treat that your kitty loves and practice for just 15 minutes a day. You may need to break up the treat into pieces to control weight gain. Once your cat performs the desired action you should reward him immediately so an association forms between the treat with the command. Even if the training doesn’t really work out your kitty will still love the attention!

Climb Up High

Get a cat tree for your kitty to increase their vertical space in the house – if you already have one, get another! Cats love climbing high so they can observe their environment. Cat trees provide new corners to explore and places to relax or play in. They are also made of material that encourages your cat to scratch so he is less likely to ruin the furniture. Win win!

So there you have it – five simple tips and ideas on ways to keep your feline friend just a little less passive this coming winter season… Have fun and stay warm!