Pet-n-Sur Horse Insurance, NZ Horse Owners #1 Choice

Get peace of mind your horse is protected with cover from the leading provider of equine insurance NZ wide. Similar to other types of pet insurance, when you take out a equine insurance NZ cover, we will be there to help with unexpected costs if your horse is injured, gets sick, is stolen or runs away. With our horse insurance, NZ customers can also be covered if horse-related equipment such as trailers, saddlery and tack is damaged or stolen.

Why you should consider horse insurance

Horses are much more expensive to keep than dogs or cats and they tend to come with much higher vet bills too. By taking out horse insurance, NZ customers will have help managing financial obligations associated with injury, illness or theft.

We offer various levels of cover for equine insurance NZ wide from basic plans to more comprehensive cover, including surgical, mortality and theft cover. We take into account a range of factors, including your horse’s age, breed, value and the cost of gear you insure, to give the best level of protection possible.

Whether your horse is a loyal companion or working animal, ensuring you can look after them in their time of need will ease some of the burden and stress if the unexpected happens.

Why choose Pet-n-Sur?

100% NZ owned and managed, Pet-n-Sur is proud to offer industry-leading equine insurance NZ wide. Throughout the country, animal lovers choose Pet-n-Sur because we give you total peace of mind that you and your pet will be protected when you need it. We underwrite our own policies, making claims processing simple and straightforward. We understand that owning a horse is expensive, but it is also extremely rewarding and we are here to help you keep them safe and healthy.

Get a quote for horse insurance online

Get a quick instant quote online for equine insurance. NZ customers can fill out a few details and gain instant access to a personalise quote and cover options.We pride ourselves on transparency with easy-to-understand policies – we don’t hide anything in the fine print.

Not sure what type of cover you need? If you have any questions or require assistance to help you select the right horse insurance, NZ customers can get in touch with us via our contact page.