Homemade Cat Toys

It is possible to keep your kitten entertained without having to spend big money on cat toys. Here are some creative homemade options…

Even though it sometimes feels like there are millions of cat toys on the market, you can make all the toys you need quickly, easily and for less money at home!

Toilet paper treat rattle

You will need - an empty cardboard toilet paper roll and some treats

Fold one end of the toilet paper roll inside, creating a semi-closed end. Place several treats inside then fold the other end of the roll, creating another semi-closed end. This will be easy enough to open but will keep your cats entertained as they try to get to their treats.

Feather pounce toy

You will need - a feather template, scissors, wool felt, iron and satin cord

Using the template as a guide, cut one large and one small feather from two pieces of medium-weight wool felt. With a hot iron, press a crease down the centre of each feature. Use the satin cord to tie the feather stems together and knot both ends to prevent fraying.

Catnip filled sock

You will need - a long sock, dried catnip and stuffing.

Sprinkle some dried catnip into the sock followed by some stuffing and keep alternating between catnip and stuffing. Once the sock is full, tie it up with a tight knot (using yarn) and cut off any loose ends. Your cat will love being able to sniff out the catnip.

Door cat scratcher

You will need - a wooden plank, carpet remnant, measuring tape, pencil, wood glue, drill (with 50mm hole saw), approx 18mm wide lattice, finish nails and Velcro

Glue the carpet remnant to the board with wood glue. Place the board face down with a weight on it and let it dry. Measure from the floor to the centre of the doorknob and subtract about 25mm. Measure this length up from the bottom of the board and mark it with a pencil. Use the 50mm hole saw drill and drill through the board and carpet, making sure the top of the hole meets the line you marked (and make sure the hole is big enough for the doorknob). Add the lattice strip trims to all four edges using wood glue and finish nails. Finally, attach the bottom of the cat scratcher to the bottom of the door with heavy-duty Velcro to stop it from swinging.

Hopefully with these toys, you can keep your cat busy and entertained at home! Do you have any homemade cat toys your cat loves? Share them with us on our facebook page – we love to hear about your creative ideas!