Heading Away In Summer

Now is the time to begin making pet care plans. While vacations and getaways are exciting, pet owners must also consider the well-being of their furry friends...

Are you heading away this summer to a place where you can't bring your pets? If so, now is the time to begin making pet care plans. While vacations and getaways are exciting, pet owners will consider the well-being of their furry friends during their absence. Choosing the right pet care option is crucial for ensuring your pet's happiness and safety while you're away.

Luckily, the options are many and varied and ultimately will depend on your needs and what will best serve your pet, including house sitters, kennels, and catteries.

Let's explore these options and discuss key considerations to help you make the best decision for your beloved pet.

House Sitters

Hiring a house sitter can be an excellent choice for pets who thrive in their own environment. A trusted individual can stay in your home, providing companionship and maintaining your pet's routine. Ensure the sitter is responsible, experienced and understands your pet's needs. Discuss feeding schedules, exercise routines and any special requirements.


Boarding your pet at a kennel is another popular option. A kennel offers a structured environment with trained staff. Visit the facility beforehand to check for cleanliness, security and adequate exercise areas. You will need to ensure vaccinations are up-to-date and may need to provide your pet's food, bedding and familiar toys to ease the transition.


Catteries provide a safe and comfortable space designed specifically for feline residents. Like kennels, visit the cattery beforehand to assess cleanliness and security. Ensure the cattery meets your cat's dietary needs and provide familiar items like a blanket or toy for comfort.

Pet Sitters

Professional pet sitters can come to your home to care for your pets. This option offers flexibility and minimises disruptions to your pet's routine. Ask to see references and discuss your pet's personality, preferences and medical needs with the sitter.

How to Make the Best Choice

To help you make the best decision for you and your pet, we suggest you consider the following -

Your Pet's Personality - Consider your pet's temperament, age and health. Some pets are more independent and adapt well to new environments, while others may be anxious and prefer familiar surroundings.

Special Needs - If your pet has specific medical or dietary requirements, ensure the chosen pet care option can accommodate them. Provide clear instructions and any necessary medications.

Socialisation - Determine whether your pet enjoys the company of other animals. Some kennels and catteries offer socialisation opportunities, while others are better suited to solitary pets.

Emergency Contacts - Leave contact information for your veterinarian and an emergency contact in case any issues arise while you're away.

Trial Runs - If possible, consider leaving your pet with the chosen caregiver for a short trial period to assess compatibility and alleviate separation anxiety.

Other Helpful Tips

Plan Early - Start researching and booking your pet care well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Ask for Recommendations - Ask your friends, family, or vet for recommendations. Personal experiences can provide valuable insights.

Visit Facilities - Inspect pet care facilities in person to assess their cleanliness and overall environment.

Communicate Clearly - Provide detailed instructions to the caregiver, including feeding schedules, exercise routines and any behavioural quirks.

Emergency Plan - Share your travel itinerary with your pet's caregiver and ensure they can access necessary supplies and contact information.

Choosing the right pet care option is essential for a worry-free vacation. Prioritise your pet's comfort, safety and well-being by considering personality and needs. With careful planning and communication, you can ensure that your pet is in good hands while you enjoy your summer getaway.