Fun Feline Facts

What’s a kindle? Can cats talk to us? Time to celebrate our favourite feline friends with some fun cat facts! Read on to find out more…

Feline lovers know that each cat has their own unique personality. Some are aloof, some are playful. Some stay like kittens for years while others seem born with an old, wise soul. They can be trouble-makers, angels, demanding divas or simply our best friend.

Cats also have an extraordinary set of characteristics that sets them apart from every other kind of pet. What makes them so special? Here’s some fun feline facts for you to enjoy!

1. Cats lose their “baby teeth” when they are around six months old.

2. A male cat is a tom, a female cat is a molly, an entire group is called a clowder and a group of kittens is called a kindle.

3. While there are about ten different vocalisations a dog is able to make, cats can make over 100!

4. Cats may hiss or even spit at fellow cats but often save their meows for communicating with people.

5. The brain of a cat is biologically closer to a human brain than it is to that of a dog.

6. Cats can detect sound better than humans can but they also have an even finer sense of hearing than dogs!

7. Cats have been recorded running at speeds upwards of 45km/h.

8. While many cats lack eyelashes, whiskers are extremely important. They’re used to test spatial dimensions.

9. In some parts of the world black cats are considered a sign of good luck not bad luck!

10. According to those that study this sort of thing, cats think of people as just larger versions of...cats!

What’s your favourite feline fact? Share with us!