Dogs in the Workplace

More pets live in our households than ever before. They enhance life tremendously, but should we take them with us to the workplace?

For many of us, four-legged friends are such an integral part of our lives that we share everything with them, from sleeping spaces to vacations. It’s only natural we should want to bring them to work too right?

As with so many things in life, the advantages as well as disadvantages of bringing Rufus to work need to be considered.

First, the pros…

Dogs Can Relieve Stress - Studies have shown that employees who take their dogs to work produce lower levels of stress hormones.

Dogs Can Boost Morale - Dogs lend a friendly ambiance to even the most intense office environments. When you discover co-workers with furry friends it can encourage mingling, friendship and even future teamwork between employees who may have not otherwise engaged.

Better Concentration - Many dog owners are bothered at work by thoughts of getting home to take Rufus for a walk, or how they are doing home alone. With Rufus at work you can be free of those distractions at work as he’s right there beside you – fewer extended lunch breaks too!

Increased Efficiency - Not surprisingly, happy employees simply get more done. Studies have shown that when pets are allowed in the workplace, companies noticed employees worked longer and were absent less often.

The Right People for the Job - Good salaries and flexible hours are attractive to potential employees. In the same way, pet-friendly workplaces demonstrate that an employer cares about keeping their employees happy in a welcoming workplace.


Not Everyone is a Dog Lover - As much as you love your dog, there may be a colleague who believes the only good dog in the workplace is no dog. Whatever the reason those who are uncomfortable should not have to interact with them on the job.

Dogs at Work Might Be Considered a Distraction - Well behaved dogs are one thing – one who barks or looks for mischief down the hall isn’t likely to win over the team. Make sure you discuss concerns with colleagues and your manager and ensure your bestie is well-trained to behave while at work.

Pet Allergies - Even those who don’t live with a pet can develop allergies to them from exposure. Consider this before taking Rufus into work with you. Ensuring they are healthy, groomed, bathed regularly and washing their bedding often will go a long way.

Safety Concerns - If you have any concerns about your dog’s decorum, leave them at home. Imagine if they chewed up the boss’s chair, knocked over the water cooler while playing or heaven forbid bit a colleague – your dog-friendly workplace is unlikely to stay that way. Be mindful and careful with the dogs allowed to come into the office.

Dogs Aren’t Always a Good Fit - If Rufus is a Great Dane there may simply not be enough room for him to fit comfortably in your workplace. Your company may also not be a good fit depending on formality and professional expectations of clients or the industry. Be realistic and considerate when making this call so management doesn’t have to.

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