Dogs In The Office

If you are thinking of adding a canine to your work team, you could consider one of these five breeds...

A friendly pooch can garner the attention of most people. A true dog enthusiast will find it hard to resist engaging in an old-fashioned scratch behind the ears or the much sought-after belly rub! At the very least, most dogs will receive a greeting of some nature.

Dogs tend to bring out the nurturer in many of us, which by default introduces an element of warmth to most environments. So, if you are thinking of adding a loving canine to your work team, you should consider one of these five breeds.


While they are known for their ability to run fast, they are pretty lazy! Greyhounds sleep up to 18 hours a day. Generally, they have a lovely nature and don’t tend to smell because of their short-haired coat. And, when you adopt an ex-racer, you give them a great second chance at life.


The Whippet is a descendant of the Greyhound; they are just smaller and have a lighter coat. They love to curl up in the warmth during the winter months or sprawl out in the sun during the summer. They also provide you with an excellent excuse to get out of the office as they require 1-2 brisk walks a day.


Bulldogs are not as big and butch as you think. French and Old English Bulldogs are known for their calm temperament and do not tend to bark much. Perfect if your office receives a lot of visitors throughout the day!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

These friendly, loyal and docile dogs make the perfect office pet. They are small, cute and love lounging around. They love cuddles and attention, making them the ideal antidote to relieve you from any work-related stress.


Who can resist the cute face and the elongated body of a sausage dog?! And, if you’re looking for social media star, then look no further! Because of their short legs, they only require a small amount of exercise – just enough time to get out for a breath of fresh air.

These days, most things go when it comes to curating a workspace. Introducing a sweet-natured dog to your team can elevate the mood, spread feel-good vibes, and unite your people. Sounds awesome right?

So, do your research, find the breed that best suits you and your work environment and let the love of a good pup bring your company much joy!