Dog anxiety is a modern day reality

Sadly, dogs can also suffer from anxiety and it can affect their behaviour. Know what to be on the look out for to look after your dog...

Dog anxiety is a modern day reality for an increasing number of beloved canines. Symptoms can include such things as repetitive licking, hiding, diarrhea, aggression, puddles on the floor and skin reactions – none of which are desirable for you or your dog.


Causes of this anxiety epidemic can range from loud noises, storms, fireworks, moving house, new babies in the family, re-homing, separation stress when left alone, car travel, kennel stays, trips to the vets or groomers… the list goes on!

What happens

When the dog is in this stressed state the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal glands are under great pressure – the body is continuously in ‘fight of flight’ mode. This state of being means the dog is unable to become relaxed, they are always on high alert and feeling like they are in danger. They lose perspective and can feel depressed.

When we take our animals to the vets, there is very little on offer to help the situation in a natural way. In many cases they just need a little help and support to reprogram the nervous system.

A natural solution

This is where anxiety clothing such as the Canine Calm Coat can come into its own. A unique design which has been thoroughly tested by respected NZ canine professionals and gained a patent approval. It has proven to be a wonderful tool to help dogs rebalance themselves naturally.

The Canine Calm Coat is professionally made using New Zealand merino wool – a perfect fibre for the garment as it has wonderful thermoregulatory properties enabling it to be worn for extended periods of time.

The Calm Coat works through the well researched principles of compression around the body and chest regions of the dog – essentially it gives the dog a big reassuring hug. The coat must fit firmly to have an effect. The location of the compression belt enables access to an umber of main acupressure points in the dog’s body at the heart and brachial chakras.

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Thanks to The Dog Coat Company for contributing this article. The Dog Coat Company is an international online business based in Christchurch, New Zealand. They produce a beautiful range of therapeutic Canine Calm Coats and boutique winter coats made from natural fabrics.

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