Do You Know Your Cat’s Personality Type?

Did you know that pet cats fall into one of five personality types? Read on to learn what they are and see which one your cat fits into...

According to a 2017 study conducted with 2,082 pet cats across Australia and New Zealand, there are five main personalities in cats. Researchers used a 52-question survey that asked cat owners to rate their kitty on particular personality traits. From that data, they were able to identify the five main personalities that pet cats fall into, which were dubbed “The Feline Five”.

Read the five personalities below to see which describes your cat the best.


Cats with this personality tend to be skittish. They may appear insecure, shy and fearful of people.


Dominant cats tend to be more aggressive towards other cats and may even display ‘bullying’ behaviour.


Impulsive personalities are characterised by cats who are very reactive to their environment and may appear to act erratically. They’re often easily startled, and they’ll react differently each time - even if they’ve encountered that situation before.


Kitties with this personality are laid back and calm. They’re the cuddly ones who will curl up on your lap all day (if you let them).


Like extroverted humans, cats with extraversion are outgoing and active and always looking for something to explore.

Why it’s important to understand your cat’s personality

Understanding your cat’s personality type can give you better insights into your pet and how best to take care of them. And, if you live in a multi-cat household, knowing your cat’s ins and outs can help you work out why they behave in certain ways and how you can provide the best environment in which they can thrive.

Neurotic cats, for instance, benefit from having plenty of places they can hide out and feel safe. Impulsive cats can benefit from set routines, so they know what’s going to happen. And extraverted cats need plenty of stimulation - so toys and playtime are a must.

Knowing your cat’s normal behaviour patterns can also help you identify when something’s not quite right. So, if your normally outgoing kitty is now spending all its time indoors, or your normally chill cat is avoiding human contact, it’s a sign that something might not be quite right.

Now you know what The Feline Five are, keep a close eye on your cat and see if you can figure out which category they belong in.