Do you have pet insurance for your rabbit?

Rabbits can be delicate creatures that require as much loving care and attention as any other pet. Do right by them and insure your rabbit today.

If you have a rabbit, you no doubt treat it like a member of the family and dote on it just as a cat or dog owner does on their pet. Just as getting insurance for a cat or dog is a good way of securing your pet’s future health, the same applies for your rabbit.

While it can be hard to imagine anything going wrong health-wise with your floppy-eared friend when they’re at the pinnacle of health, rabbits are just as likely to get sick and injured as any other pet. And your vet bills can be just as high as with a more common pet.

Here are 3 good reasons to consider getting pet insurance for your rabbit:

1. Peace of mind if something goes wrong

Insurance is there for when the unthinkable happens, such as if your pet gets sick or injured and needs specialist treatment from a vet. And, as we’ve said before, vet bills can quickly add up. If you have pet insurance for your rabbit, a good portion of these costs will be covered by your insurance company, so you can make sure your buddy gets the best level of care.

2. Cover for specialist treatment

While the popularity of rabbits as pets is increasing (back in 2019 we reported that they were the 4th most popular pet in NZ!) rabbits are mostly still considered an ‘exotic’ pet. This means they may need care from a specialist vet, which can result in higher vet bills. Having insurance means this increased cost won’t hurt your wallet as much as if you were paying for it yourself.

3. Rabbits can be a bit delicate

Rabbits are susceptible to a range of illnesses and, just like cats, they’re really good at hiding when they’re sick. So, once you realise that something’s not quite right, their illness could already be quite serious. Having a pet insurance safety net means you don’t have to delay taking them to the vet, getting them checked over, and starting treatment.

Rabbits make fantastic, fun, loving pets and it’s important that we take our duty of care to them seriously. Getting pet insurance for your rabbit means you’ll be able to provide them with the best level of care you can, help prolong their life, and keep them comfortable and healthy well into old age.

To learn more about what’s covered by Pet-n-Sur’s Rabbit Plan, check out our plan page or give us a call on 0800 738 678.