Common Cat Myths

Mysterious creatures they are, a number of myths have sprung up around cats. Many of these myths are far from true…

Cats always land on their feet.

Cats are fairly graceful creatures, however they do not always land on their feet. Your feline friend can be injured in a fall much like any other animal. Even if your cat does land on their feet, if the fall is from a sufficient height injuries can still happen.

Cats prefer to be left alone.

Although every cat has their own personality, as a species felines are social creatures. Most cats definitely enjoy interaction with their humans and are very affectionate!

Cats hate dogs.

Many cats live peacefully and amicably with a canine companion. In fact, some cats will actually curl up to sleep with their doggy friend. Obviously, there are some cats that do not like dogs. Others simply tolerate them. However, in most cases, if a cat is acclimated to a dog correctly and given time to adjust to the new situation, the cat will accept the dog as part of the household.

Cats hate water.

Believe it or not, some cats do actually like water and some even enjoy swimming. Some kitties even like to play with water whether from a tap or bowl!

Cats hardly need to go to a vet.

Cats need regular and preventative veterinary care just like dogs. Currently, the number of cats kept as pets is much higher than the number of dogs. Us Kiwi’s, in fact, own so many cats we have one of the highest cat ownership rates (per capita) in the world! However, the number of feline veterinary visits is much lower than that for dogs. There are many reasons for this. Some cat owners simply don’t realise their cats need care – they’re good at hiding signs of illness after all. For others, getting the cat to the veterinarian is difficult, forcing the cat owner to either delay or miss necessary veterinary visits.

Nine lives!

Perhaps the most obvious of myths - needless to say, cats live only one life!

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