Cat Carrier Tips

All cats need routine vet care, dental care and some even need grooming. Let’s be honest though, the worst part is often getting them there! So, if you want some advice on making the trip a little easier, keep reading...

Cats are more comfortable with familiarity

Most cats kinda despise their carriers. Usually that is because when they see it, they know something bad is about to happen!

To alleviate this, leave your carrier in an area where they spend a lot of time – a ‘socially significant’ area. Like most things, if this is done at an early age it can be easier. But if your feline is a little older it may take a little extra time to adjust to the new “furniture” – but be patient and it will be worth the wait.

Encourage investigation

Leave the carrier as open as possible – if it comes in two parts, leave the top off too. And put something favourite in it, a blanket or pillow for example – something that has your cat’s scent on it.

In time you should notice them rubbing against it further placing their scent which will be another thing to help make the carrier less scary and more familiar!

Tempt with treats

If your cat has a bit of a food motivation, placing a few treats outside the carrier can help. Move them a little closer each day as they become more comfortable.

Eventually, place the treats inside the carrier. Again, be patient, cats are clever and they will catch on to what you are doing if you move too fast!

Hopefully these simple tips will make the task of transporting less stressful for both you and your feline friend!