Caring for Rabbits in Winter

Caring for your rabbit in winter requires special attention. Here's some tips to provide them with a safe and cosy environment...

Caring for your rabbit during the winter months requires some special attention. The following tips will help you to provide them with a safe and cosy environment.


It's essential to provide your rabbit with a warm and dry shelter. Make sure its enclosure is well-insulated and protected from drafts.


Increase the amount of bedding in your rabbit's hutch. Straw or shredded paper are good choices for extra insulation and warmth. Check and replace the bedding regularly to keep it clean and dry.


Ensure your rabbit has access to fresh water at all times. In colder temperatures, water can ice over quickly, so use a water bottle with an insulating cover or check the water bowl frequently to ensure it isn’t too frosty.


Increase the amount of hay in their diet to provide extra fibre and help keep them warm. You can also add some leafy greens and vegetables to provide essential nutrients. Ensure that the food is always fresh.


While it may be tempting to keep your rabbit indoors during winter, they still need regular exercise. Give them an enclosed space or play area indoors where they can hop around and stretch their legs. If you allow them outdoors, supervise their time outside and ensure they don't get too cold.


Winter can be harsh on your rabbit's coat. Regularly brush your rabbit to remove any loose hair and prevent matting; this will help maintain their coat's insulation and prevent them from ingesting fur when grooming themselves.


Keep a close eye on your rabbit's behaviour and health during winter. Look for signs of discomfort or illness, such as loss of appetite, lethargy, or shivering. If you notice any concerning symptoms, seek advice from your vet promptly.

Remember, rabbits are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so providing them with adequate care and attention during winter is essential. Following these tips will ensure your rabbit stays healthy and happy throughout the season.