A Safe Christmas For Your Pets

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but it can take some preparation to make sure your house is safe for your pets!

It’s an understatement to say that pets can be extremely curious about the shiny and novel decor that takes over our homes over Christmas, so being mindful of their safety as you prepare for Christmas is the best way to make sure everyone in your household has a fun and safe holiday season.

Your Christmas tree – holiday decorations can create dangerous situations for your pets. Simple things such as decorating with plastic instead of glass baubles, placing breakable decorations higher on the tree and in the worst case, moving your tree to a room that can be closed off when you’re not around are simple ways to protect your pets from injuring themselves. Lemon scented car fresheners may also deter your cat from climbing the tree.

Ribbons or tinsel – shiny and sparkly ribbons and tinsel you use around the house will attract your pet’s attention but the string-like material can cause an obstruction that might require surgery. To avoid this, make sure you quickly dispose of wrapping paper on Christmas day so your pets aren’t tempted to check it out.

Candles – pets can accidentally burn themselves if they get too curious or even knock a candle over and start a fire. Keep any candles out of reach from your pets and not leave them burning unsupervised.

Electrical cords – everyone loves hanging up string lights during Christmas to bring some festive cheer to the house so ensure that loose wires and cords are secured and out of reach

Holiday costumes – even though pets can look adorable in festive outfits like Santa hats or elf costumes, you don’t want to cause unnecessary stress. See if your pet looks comfortable in their costume but if they don’t it’s best to let them be!

Guests – set up a safe space for your pets during Christmas parties or when visitors arrive where they can retreat to and hide in a comfortable room with a soft bed, food and water if things become too much for them!

Human food – if you’ve prepared a holiday feast, check the ingredients carefully. It’s not always a bad thing to give your pets a nibble of human food but only if you’re sure you’ve avoided foods that might make your pets sick. Lots of human foods can be toxic to pets so if there’s any degree of confusion, it’s best to err on the side of caution and give them animal treats instead!

Christmas is a time for your entire family to celebrate and that should include your beloved pets. It’s easy to take a few steps to make your house safer around the holiday season and ensure that your pets are comfortable and happy during the most wonderful time of the year!